What would you do if you were stranded in 2081, with no way back to the present, and only one person knew the truth about what had happened to you? A person you could neither trust nor work with…

Two women missing in time. The Cassandra Programme has turned against them. But if Olivia and DeAnn don’t survive, all of our futures will be at stake.

Lost in deepest Uganda, their lives in the hands of a paramilitary organization, Olivia and DeAnn are trying their best to pretend to be the Agents they’re supposed to be.

But when they uncover a conspiracy to conduct illegal biological tests on an unsuspecting population, the odds of the two women staying alive long enough to make it out of the country get slimmer by the second.

Will they manage to escape? There’s a remote chance, but only if they finally accept that they have to work together…

If you like heart-stopping thrillers with a political edge then you’ll love O.M. Faure’s compelling look at the future that awaits us.

Buy Torn to discover how the globetrotting story unfolds!


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