Teaching about the Future at Hult University

Wednesday, April, 11, 2018

I'm teaching a course on Scenario Planning and how to prepare for the future. It's been a great learning experience... for me! And hopefully for the students as well ?

I've loved every minute of the challenging interaction with the 300 Business students. I've been lecturing them about how to create and apply scenarios. I've also coached them to create a futuristic product for London in 2028.

Now we're nearing the end of the course and I'm amazed by the quality and creativity of the products that the students have created for London in 2028. Ten years into the future is just around the corner but the seventy teams have come up with extraordinary products, services and ideas. I couldn't be prouder!

I love passing on my knowledge of how to prepare for the future and make robust decisions in the face of uncertainty. So I can't wait to share that methodology with you as well, in the novels.


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